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The Art of Transformation

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I have been reflecting on the Art of Transformation. As humans we have the magnificent ability to truly transform ourselves and our lives. Some changes can be created in the blink of an eye, while others require dedication and planning. How we navigate change can say a lot about the way we live.

Be your own inspiration Be the creator of your life Create the momentum needed and allow it to flow

How are you holding yourself back? How do you inspire yourself?

Remove what is toxic and no longer suitable for growth If it is taking up vital space in your nest leaving you depleted and drained.....release it.

Create all facets of your life.......each one of us is the creator and the creation all wrapped into one Each one of us is a universe in itself, living, breathing, interacting with other universes in the infinite multi-verse.

How do you tap into your creative energy?

Where do you feel stagnant in your life?

We can transform our minds, our bodies, our relationships. We can build, dream, move, inspire

We can do this all from starting with a vision and see it through. When creating a change act as if its always been that way. We are reborn each moment and we die each moment.....dancing this dance between the worlds of life and death in paradoxical unison. Each and every moment across all planes of existence is happening simultaneously.....right now.

I have spent time in deep meditation sitting with these 10 insights. Slowing down and taking my time to understand, integrate, and evolve through them.

  1. Release attachments to outcomes

  2. Don’t cling to the memory of yesterday

  3. Don’t run so much and push so hard

  4. Truly see that you get highly paid for working on your well-being. The payout for self care is far greater than financial gain

  5. Dissolve your fear and you will live as you wish to live

  6. Regardless of exterior disorder, you can be inwardly carefree

  7. Let life happen. Flow with it. Live effortlessly

  8. Do not resist any kind of anguish or heartache. If we resist, we miss the very lesson it teaches.

  9. Don’t work so hard at living your life, just allow it to be lived

  10. You are loved far more than you think

I have been sitting with this list daily and moving my awareness through each one to understand them on a deeper level and from all angles. It has be quite refreshing 🦋

#bethecreator #transformation

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