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Sacred Souls Yoga and Healing

Angela is a Stevens Point native and is located in the cozy town of Rosholt, Wisconsin. She completed her 200hr YTT in Sacred Valley, Peru which sparked her deep love and connection to the Shamanic arts. After completing her training in Peru she returned home and began a year long shamanic training journey with Amy Wilinski at Golden Light Healing. Diving deep into the ancient teachings and lineage and integrating it into her own energy medicine to foster a beautiful and grounded shamanic practice. Angela has embraced the opportunity to use her training experiences to excavate and do her own inner work and healing so that she is able to hold space and do the same for others.

As her practice continued to grow so did her passion and quest for knowledge. She decided to head to an eco-village in Guatemala where she studied Thai Massage, the energetic body and sustainable living. Her intention was to offer not only work on the energetic and psychological planes, but to also give attention to the physical body to place focus on the whole person. As she spent her time in Guatemala she learned the value and ways of Ayurveda, garden-to-table food sources and waste management with the vision of sharing those values within her community.

She currently offers a variety of yoga/meditation practices and healing modalities to take you on a deep dive into your inner world, create connection to your body and tap into your highest self. Yoga/Meditation, Shamanic Healing, Breathwork, Reiki and Body Work are some of the wellness tools and techniques Angela shares with the community. Through self exploration, expression and community connections we can shed outdated versions of ourSelves, improve our health and wellbeing and create space for growth and inner wisdom to come forth. Breathe into your being and know that you are loved and supported as you take your souls journey here on Earth.

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Sacred Souls Yoga and Healing
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