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Sacred Souls Yoga and Healing


Purple Epoxy

"This session took a lot of concentration for me. During my session I had a roller coaster of emotions. It's very powerful, but at the same time very peaceful. The mind really goes where it wants. When it was over I felt rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world!"

Anna R.

"Sometimes being human feels so strange- not knowing where we've come from, where we're going, or what any of this is for. Angela's rare gift of presence made me feel seen and supported through my journey on her table and  beyond. No one but you has the answers you are seeking, and Angela is here to lovingly cheer you on towards your truth."

Laura W.

" Angela is very passionate about what she does. I have received both Reiki and Shamanic Healing sessions. They were very relaxing, yet moving. I have suffered from anxiety and depression throughout my life and after each session I have felt like a weight has been lifted and I feel more balanced. I highly recommend her services!"

Kirsten W.

"I first met Angela in 2016 and began to sense she embodied something special. Over time I came to understand her ability to channel transcendental energies into this world. Angela has much to offer as a teacher and guide with the struggles we all share. Her influence has been subtle but immeasurable."

Peter G.

"I've had both Reiki and Shamanic Healing sessions with Angela, and both have been a truly transcendental experience. It's a bit difficult to put the experience into words. Opening and transcendental is the best words can do. Suffice to say, Angela is wonderful and I'd highly recommend visiting her for spiritual healing and release."

Spyros H.

"Last week I was blessed with a shamanic healing session with the incredible Angela May. Angela has a true gift of intuition and vision beyond our realm. I am still feeling the connectedness to my true self and the collective. I have spent the last week contemplating all that was felt,seen, heard and talked about. I deeply appreciate you, Angela, for the work that you do, for loving me, and for helping me navigate this life journey."

Nikki T.

"I have done the Reiki and Shamanic sessions with Angela and I must say the state of my being after was nothing less than a miracle. I felt as if the weight of the world fell off my shoulders and my mental state deeply improved. I especially enjoyed the Shamanic session and will definitely be utilizing this great opportunity to expand my inner self. Thank you Angela for your warmth, acceptance, and true kindness. I am blessed to know you."

Jackie D.

Sacred Souls Yoga and Healing
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